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Top 20 Best AI Tools & Software for Students in 2023

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing education through innovative edtech tools. From AI writing assistants to coding tutors, the top 20 AI learning platforms help students improve writing, study efficiently, develop career skills and code faster. AI is making quality education accessible for all students.

20 Best AI Tools

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming how students learn and develop skills for the future. AI-powered edtech tools are making quality education accessible to all. This article reviews the top 20 AI learning platforms and software that students must try in 2023.

AI Writing Assistants:

  1. QuillBot – With its advanced NLP, QuillBot helps students improve their writing by providing grammar corrections, sentence rephrases and word choice alternatives.
  2. EssayTyper – This AI essay writer creates unique blog posts, articles and assignments by analyzing prompts and generating relevant long-form content.
  3. Shortly – Shortly’s AI summarizer makes reading assignments quick by creating short summaries of long articles, research papers and passages.

AI Tutors:

  1. Carnegie Learning – The AI tutor Mika guides math practice and provides personalized feedback to enhance learning.
  2. Century – Century’s AI generates customized study plans and micro-lessons based on students’ needs.
  3. Third Space Learning – Virtual tutors leverage AI to teach 1:1 math lessons tailored to K-12 students’ proficiency levels.

AI Study Tools:

  1. Quizlet – Flashcards, study games and learning modes powered by AI help boost students’ retention and test scores.
  2. – Otter’s speech to text and text summarization abilities make note-taking, studying and collaborating more efficient.
  3. ImaginEs – ImaginEs leverages AI algorithms to generate customized digital flashcards for effective learning.

Career Guidance:

  1. Wooble AI – Get AI-powered career counseling and aptitude assessments to find the right college and career paths.
  2. Reid Hoffman’s Blitzscaling – This free Harvard course uses AI to provide personalized lessons to scale business ideas.
  3. Mercer Mettl – AI-based assessments reveal students’ aptitudes and readiness for higher education and employment.

Improving Accessibility:

  1. Read&Write – Text-to-speech, speech-to-text, picture dictionaries and other tools make learning accessible for students with reading disabilities like dyslexia.
  2. Speechify – Listen to course material, articles and books read aloud via Speechify’s AI narration while you multitask.
  3. Microsoft Translator – Students can leverage Microsoft Translator’s text-to-speech and speech-to-text abilities to convert audios and videos of lessons into translated transcriptions for better understanding.

AI Coding Assistants:

  1. Tabnine – Autocomplete millions of lines of code in any language with Tabnine’s OpenAI-based pair programmer.
  2. Codota – Codota’s code completion AI provides context-aware code suggestions as you type for faster programming.
  3. Codex – OpenAI’s Codex translates natural language to code, writes documentation and solves bugs for students.
  4. GitHub Copilot – This AI pair programmer suggests line completions and entire function bodies as you code in Atom Editor and Visual Studio Code.
  5. PyLance – Microsoft’s AI-powered programming tool warns about bugs and errors as Python code is written in Visual Studio Code.

These innovative AI-powered platforms are gamechangers for learning and skill development. Students can leverage these tools to enhance productivity, deepen knowledge and futureproof their education.

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