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Documentaries for a new you Documentaries for a new you


Explore these captivating documentaries that serve as life guides. From mastering craftsmanship to embracing minimalism and harnessing happiness, they offer lessons in dedication, simplicity,...

10 Must-Watch Netflix Shows for Students 10 Must-Watch Netflix Shows for Students


Beyond entertainment, Netflix shows like Unorthodox, Atypical, The Crown, Queer Eye and Planet Earth impart important lessons that enrich students’ skills, empathy, creativity and...

20 Best AI Tools 20 Best AI Tools


Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing education through innovative edtech tools. From AI writing assistants to coding tutors, the top 20 AI learning platforms help students...

essential AI development tools essential AI development tools


Discover the essential AI development tools that power the world of artificial intelligence. Python, TensorFlow, and PyTorch lead the way, while Keras and SciKit-Learn...

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