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Top 10 Must-Watch Netflix Shows for Students

Beyond entertainment, Netflix shows like Unorthodox, Atypical, The Crown, Queer Eye and Planet Earth impart important lessons that enrich students’ skills, empathy, creativity and intellectual growth.

10 Must-Watch Netflix Shows for Students

Netflix has become the go-to entertainment source for students worldwide. Besides just unwinding, several Netflix shows also impart important life lessons and skills for students. This article discusses the top 10 must-watch Netflix shows for students and their key learning takeaways.


This mini-series dramatizes the inspiring story of a girl breaking out of her ultra-orthodox Jewish community to courageously shape her own future.

Key takeaway – Have the confidence to think independently and follow your dreams against all odds.


Atypical depicts the coming-of-age story of an autistic high schooler navigating relationships, education and self-discovery.

Key takeaway – Be kind, patient and understanding of people different from you.


Mindhunter provides a gripping glimpse into criminal psychology through the lens of FBI agents pioneering psychoanalysis of serial killers.

Key takeaway – Understand human behavior, emotions and motivations by developing keen observational skills.

The Crown

This award-winning drama illustrates the political intrigues and personal sacrifices behind Queen Elizabeth II’s reign as the British monarch.

Key takeaway – Leadership demands discipline, decision-making skills and carrying responsibilities diligently.

Queer Eye

Queer Eye features the heartwarming stories of ordinary people getting lifestyle makeovers from the Fab Five experts.

Key takeaway – Have empathy and help others become the best versions of themselves.

The Last Dance

This sports documentary breaks down Michael Jordan’s exceptional career, showcasing his unparalleled work ethic and mental toughness.

Key takeaway – With extreme dedication and perseverance, you can achieve greatness against any odds.

The Big Short

The Big Short creatively explicates the complex 2008 financial crisis, highlighting unethical Wall Street behavior and the quant analysts who predicted the crash.

Key takeaway – Develop critical and ethical thinking to evaluate situations objectively.


This documentary series gives unfiltered insights into the creative process of the world’s most innovative designers working across various disciplines.

Key takeaway – Creativity involves immense dedication, constant learning and taking risks.


From cryptocurrency to gene editing, Explained breaks down complex current issues and scientific breakthroughs through expert perspectives.

Key takeaway – Foster curiosity about diverse issues and stay updated.

BBC Planet Earth II

Planet Earth II takes students on an awe-inspiring journey through nature using breathtaking visuals and technology.

Key takeaway – Appreciate and protect the amazing biodiversity on our planet.


Netflix offers much more than mere screenspace to students. The diverse shows above across genres teach crucial life skills while entertaining. Students can gain inspiration, knowledge and intellectual growth through these binge-worthy learning experiences.

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